Panettone Holiday Party Favor DIY Glaze Dripped Bauli Pandoro 1 cup confectioner’s 2-6 tablespoons milk or water ½ teaspoon vanilla or almond extract (optional) Non perils (optional) For a simple glaze stir sugar, milk and the extract in a bowl until it becomes a creamy and thick consistency. You can create a thinner glaze by adding more milk, and thicken […] OPEN POST Day 5: Pocky Cupcake Toppers These fabulous cupcake toppers wrap up our very first 5 days in 5 ways and we’ve eaten more than a few Pocky with no regrets. This final DIY is super duper pretty and takes only a few minutes. Get creative! Maybe chocolate Pocky with colorful candy melts and sprinkles?! Do it up, my friends. We […] OPEN POST Day 4: Double Chocolate Pocky Cake Every time I tell someone that one of my cakes is “super easy!” they’re like uh, yah right. No way. So I’m here to prove ya’ll WRONG! Not only because I like to be right, but because I think everyone should enjoy delicious and beautiful cake always. First lets talk a bit about baking. Growing […] OPEN POST Day 3: Pocky Grams These babies could simply be decorated with no words, or they could say anything you want. How about, “be my bridesmaid?” or a simple “you’re pretty!” to brighten up a girlfriends day. I love that they are so yummy and fun to make. Sarah and I made them together, and I couldn’t help but think […] OPEN POST Day 2: Pocky Skewers Okay I know I said yesterday’s DIY was the easiest ever, but this actually might be even easier. And delicious. And pretty. And easy. And awesome. What you need: Wood skewers Pocky Your favorite chewy candies. Marshmallows are great too because they’re so soft. We also used key ring candies and just cut off and […] OPEN POST Day 1: Fancy Pocky  I dated this guy when I first moved to Toronto. It was a bit of a major disaster. When it was all said and done I learned a whole lot about myself, men, relationships and growing the F up. However, the most important thing he taught me was that Pocky exists (and The Beatles are […] OPEN POST Bauli Holiday Tablescape We teamed up with Bauli to bring you some holiday table inspiration, and a DIY guest favor which includes a place card and a mini panettone. Tutorial coming soon..here’s a little sneak of the table! This is a sponsored post* OPEN POST BIG BELLA Check Bella out in Wedding Bells Magazine and weddingbells.ca soon! OPEN POST Safari Joe Vanilla cake with Nutella buttercream and whipped chocolate ganache frosting. We created this cake as part of an African Safari baby shower. Full post coming soon! OPEN POST Ellia’s Sprinkle Party Every year we plan, design and throw a party for miss Ellia, Nat’s daughter/ the love of our lives.  This year we decided to go with a colorful, fun theme of dessert and sprinkles. She originally wanted Spiderman (who’s kid is this?), but accepted our idea because she’s a sprinkle fanatic. We did a lot […] OPEN POST Sunday Morning with Bauli When Bauli sent us all sorts of delicious goodies mom said “mmm nothing like panettone and coffee!” We take the word of Nancy very seriously around here when it comes to Italian desserts. So we made a delicious little frosting to top 2 slices of pandoro, and enjoyed it with some fresh coffee. Needless to […] OPEN POST Boho Baby A throwback to Ellia’s second birthday! We still love to boho vibe and had so much fun painting all the feathers. The mobiles were made by tying together sticks we found at the park, hanging yarn and feathers from them, and adding a bit of fresh greenery. Photography: Natalie Spencer PhotographyStyling, design, flowers, stationary, favors […] OPEN POST Library Wedding OPEN POST CANDY CRUSH Check Candy Crush out featured in our sprinkle party on Oh It’s Perfect soon! OPEN POST SUGAR PRINCESS Made for Miss Ellia because she said “I want my own, please!”   The sugar tower is a weird and awesome way to make a little cake look (and taste) epic. Vanilla cake with chocolate filling and baby blue frosting.  Sugar Princess will be featured on Oh It’s Perfect so soon! OPEN POST
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