My life’s work is to create.
I was raised in a small-town Ontario in an Italian Canadian home, where passion was abundant. The way my grandmother makes her pasta sauce is how I inherently approach my work and strive to live my life - with consciousness, instinct, and intention. I offer a painting, a song, and a cup of tea equal amounts of creativity and specificity.

I spent most of my school years doodling and pretending to be in a movie about a bored girl in a classroom who escaped to magical places. My first love is singing, which I studied and performed for audiences across the province from my tween years to my early twenties. In high school, I discovered an obsession with acting, as it didn’t seem a far stretch from the stories I had been secretly living since childhood.

At 18 I moved to Toronto and have since continued to study and work as an actor while running a business. What began as self-taught cake decorating turned into dessert tables which evolved into designing events and weddings, then to produce a theatrical trade show, and many failures and successes in between.

In 2016 my work led me to interior styling and renovations. While pregnant and immobile, I picked up some paint brushes and began working on a series of women and abstracts inspired by the divine female, and the connection with nature we Innately embrace while entering motherhood.

My greatest creation is my daughter Luna. Raising her with my husband TJ is a true privilege and my most exciting journey to date. Although we can often be found traveling together, we live with our little dog Toby in our dream home in the Gulf Islands.

Thank you for stopping by, please stay a while and have a look around. I would love to meet you and create something beautiful together.

With love and gratitude,

Artist, actor, and multifaceted designer.