Panettone Holiday Party Favor DIY

Glaze Dripped Bauli Pandoro
1 cup
2-6 tablespoons milk or water
½ teaspoon
vanilla or almond extract (optional)
Non perils

a simple glaze stir sugar, milk and the extract in a bowl until it
becomes a creamy and thick consistency. You can create a thinner glaze by
adding more milk, and thicken it by adding sugar.
Add non perils or sprinkles before the glaze

*Place your pandoro
in the dish you are gifting it in before pouring the drip over it. It’s always
pretty when the glaze lands on the plate and creates a sugar puddle. Yuumm. We
recommend going to your local thrift shop and finding some pretty mismatched
teacup plates. You can often find them for a dollar or two!
Rosemary Place Cards

-fresh rosemary – one
piece per place card
-white paper
-large toothpick
-glue Gun
-fine tip marker or
1.     Use your favorite font to write your
guests name and print it on cardstock OR hand write with a fine tip marker of
your choice.
2.     Cut 2.75” circle around the name.
3.     Hot glue rosemary around the outside of
the circle.
4.     Cut the large toothpick in half.
5.     Hot glue it to the back of the place
card and hold until it dries. We added washi tape over the dried glue to make
it look nice from the back.
6.     Stick the skewer into the cake and
adjust to the height you like.
Once your
glaze is completely dry, put the plated mini pandoro on top of a clean piece of
cheesecloth and cut a circle a few inches from the plate. Pull the sides up and
tie with a piece of twine.
Have fun and get creative!

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