Mini Flamingo Printable Freebie Remember that cute little flamingo bar cart we did last week?! Well we have a little freebie for you! Nat drew these party Flamingos, they make adorable cupcake or cake toppers! Feel free to re-size and use as you please. We printed on cardstock, cut them out with an X-acto utility knife and attached them […] OPEN POST Emoji Cake This might be my favorite build-a-cake to date. The incredible Lynzie at Love By Lynzie asked me to make this three tiered giant to compliment an Emoji Theme Bat Mitzvah. It was made for the lovely Becca, who insisted it be bright, colorful, and full of all her favorite emoticons! The inside was just as […] OPEN POST Impormptu Flamingo Party PSST! Nat and I have a little secret. But wait, I can’t tell you what it is yet. Rude, I know. We threw this together in two hours using things we had around hanging out around the studio for a little video project we’re working on. Yes, Fernando the flamingo is something we have lying […] OPEN POST Double Chocolate Donut S’mores Happy Tuesday!! Back to work after a fabulous, warm, summery Victoria Day weekend here in Canada! We decided to make an updated version of one of our favourites, the S’more, using double chocolate donuts. The combo of graham cracker, a fluffy bed of marshmallows, melted chocolate, donuts and mini chocolate chips is heavenly and brings […] OPEN POST Easy Brownie Ice Cream Cake Hello from San Diego! We are here with the family for some vacation fun in the sun. Last night Lucas (Nats husband) and Mom made the most delicious and fresh caprese salad and homemade meatballs for dinner. It was seriously delicious. Nat and I thought a bit of dessert was necessary but we hadn’t planned […] OPEN POST Mini Waffle Donuts  Give a donut a pretty little facelift!  Donuts are our favorite go to party treat. Partly because they are so easy and fun to customize, but mostly because they’re delicious!   For our Easter table we bought some fresh plain donuts and added a simple glaze. Once it dried we piped them with pastel colored frosting […] OPEN POST Chocolate Waffle Cake – Easter Style! Nat and I did a bit of Easter crafting we would like to share with you! Let’s starts with the worlds easiest cake. What makes it so easy you ask? Well, we baked it in a waffle iron. No leveling required, and the waffle grooves fill with icing to make if extra sweet and delish! WAFFLE […] OPEN POST Lucky Charm Filled Cake Happiest St. Paddy’s Day to you! Our lucky charm cake is inspired by obsession with lucky charms the incredible Miss Kelly at studio DIY. We made a boxed vanilla cake (you can use your favorite recipe!) and followed Kelly’s instructions on how to fill the cake. Here’s my favorite icing recipe: 1/2 cup butter, softened […] OPEN POST Flirty Thirty Check out this 30th Surprise Birthday Party build-a-cake we made!  Want more info on how to build your own dream cake with us?  Click here OPEN POST ‘Gal’entines Pizza Party! Valentines Day. The should be day of romance. I’ll be frank, Valentines Day isn’t much about celebrating my relationship with my man, TJ. He brings me breakfast in bed almost every morning, flowers at least once a month, and takes care of me like it’s his job. I make his favorite meals and desserts, love […] OPEN POST Aviva Hair Shoot Before we kick off a week of lovey dovey Valentine eerythang, I wanted to share a bit of this shoot we created in collaboration with Aviva Hair a few weeks back.  Aviva Hair Supplements are made from all natural ingredients, and boost the growth, strength, shine, thickness and texture of your hair. Nat and I […] OPEN POST ‘Gal’entine Pizza Box Printables & Recipe  So this is part one of our “how to throw a ‘Gal’entine’s Day Pizza Party and we’re starting with the most important detail…the ZA! First things first, you can download our pizza box printables below. I Pepperonly Have Eyes for You! Girls Just Wanna Have Pizza! Slice, Slice, Baby! Have Another Little Pizza My Heart […] OPEN POST DIY SPRINKLE LETTERS Our Sprinkle Letter DIY was featured on Oh It’s Perfect! in Ellia’s third birthday party. It’s simple and you can write literally anything. Can I get a Happy New Year in sprinkle letters please!? What you need:  -foam board -Mod Podge -Scissors -X-acto knife -Pencil -Paint brush -hot glue 1.Write your word out in pencil. […] OPEN POST Holiday Kransekake I’m currently in beautiful Fort Langley, British Columbia at my lover’s (TJ!) parents house.  We are celebrating an early Christmas, and of course that calls for baking. TJ’s mom Lil is Norwegian, and makes the yummiest sweets (and Norwegian PANCAKES). I wanted to make a traditional Norwegian Krensekake because she always makes this recipe into […] OPEN POST Ferrero Rocher Party Ferrero Rocher invited a few lucky ladies to participate in a cake decorating class at Le Dolci! We had such a great time and I learned some incredible new cake decorating tips. Here’s a photo recap 🙂 They sent us home with this   enormous box of delicious! which contained nothing less than the greatest treats […] OPEN POST
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