My interior decor clients want their living or workspace to reflect the core of who they are. My process involves getting to know you and how your space can serve you and elevate happiness and productivity. I design with intention and without rules or trends, but instead childlike intuition. I aim to capture the essence of one’s self, or business, through an eclectic mix of inspiration from all era’s and juxtaposing new with vintage pieces. We don’t need to spend a fortune, let’s get thrifty and create something personal and fantastic instead.


Over the past five years, I’ve consistently created meaningful, quality content that supports brands and businesses with integrity and specificity. Every collaboration begins with a concept derived from my imagination. I then work with you to discover what best serves your audience while telling your story authentically through professional photos, videos, and relatable blog content.

production design

I’ve been fortunate to create visual stories as a production and set designer on stage and in film. My experience working as an actor increases my knowledge of the importance of a set that lives a character in a narrative. My collaborative nature and is key in accepting direction as inspiration. Be it a commercial, feature film, or web series, I can’t wait to get my hands on your script and help you bring it to life.


My design journey began in cake decorating 12 years ago and quickly developed into one of a kind dessert tables when they became the all the rage with party enthusiasts. These days I’m available to design and execute parties and sweet tables that are in line with my whimsical style and artistic impulses. If you want to celebrate surrounded by beauty without the work of sourcing, baking, building, and crafting – let’s talk.


My practice began while pregnant and immobile. I felt a deep connection to women and began exploring our relationship to nature on canvas. I’m here to discuss commissions & murals that infuse creative energy into any space.

My work has been featured in print editorials including Wedding Bells and Leons Hello Holiday Magazine, and in over 40 online publications.