Line Portraits Thank you for your interest in a custom line portrait! The process is simple. Pick Your Style Portrait – Everyone “looking at the camera.” Created with a variety of reference photos, I strive to capture the essence of each person. Photograph – A one line reproduction of a specific picture. (Must be approved, I may […] OPEN POST Full Flower Moon Bath Guided Meditation I’ve created this Full Moon Ritual Bath Meditation especially for you. If for any reason a bath isn’t a safe or comfortable option, you can do this meditation laying in any quiet space. Simply visualize water surrounding you. This will provide an equally powerful practice. My intention is that this guided meditation will help you […] OPEN POST My Holiday Wreath Secret (DIY!) (transcript) The secret to making a gorgeous, oversized wreath is to wrap a hula hoop in artificial wire garlands. Do you know those ugly ones hanging in the holiday aisle of your favorite dollar store? Yup, Those.   The pre-existing wire makes attaching your fresh greens quick and simple. Build your base by twisting the […] OPEN POST Spooky Chic Halloween Mantle OPEN POST My Bella Cucina After years of cooking in our unsightly and disorganized 80sq. ft. kitchen, we’ve created a space that has everything I need to efficiently make nourishing meals and decadent treats for my family. My Bella Cucina is the second major remodel in our Toronto bungalow (the first was our flamingo bathroom), and we made it happen […] OPEN POST An Open Letter To My Daughter Luna,  Hi, it’s Mom. I’m writing this publically to hold myself accountable, but it’s really just for you. I promise not to take credit for your independence and intelligence. I did not teach you to crawl, eat, walk, or play. I’m only here to make sure there’s food on your tray and a soft place […] OPEN POST Luna Turns One My girl turned one and it was magical. On June 1st TJ and I hosted a little backyard veg bbq. We don’t have relatives in Toronto but I love our chosen family just the same. They’ve been such an important part of Luna’s first trip around the sun. A bunch of them also showed up […] OPEN POST Summoning Spring Yesterday there was a pocket of sunshine, and we found ourselves in the garden. I gathered piles of leaves that protected our plants through the frigid winter, while Luna discovered the joys of playing in the dirt. I gasped when I uncovered dozens of beautiful succulents blooming along our stone path. As TJ and I […] OPEN POST Our Tuscan Wedding "I never imagined having the privilege of getting married in a castle in my families' native country surrounded by my favourite people - but there we were." OPEN POST Bella Luna Baby Bridal Shower Oh hey! It’s been a while. 🙂Nat and I are currently in the process of updating our websites and haven’t been posting here as much. However, we threw a very special party and want to share it with you in the interim. It took some convincing, but eventually, my mom and grandma agreed to one party – a […] OPEN POST Luna Josephine’s Nursery LUNA JOSEPHINE’S NURSERY Before this room was Luna’s nursery it was our guest room. We had a few friends come to live with us when they were going through difficult times. Over the duration of their stay, they began to rehabilitate. It was coined the “healing room.”  TJ’s theory is that time is not linear, that everything […] OPEN POST A Fantastic Diaper Bag If you are following our journey on Instagram, you already know that Luna is quite the little adventure baby. She came into the world 14 days past her due date (a wild story for another day), and less than two weeks later TJ, Toby, Luna and I flew to BC to introduce her to TJ’s […] OPEN POST My Retro Flamingo Bathroom Makeover When we bought our Toronto bungalow two summers ago, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Our kitchen and bathroom clearly needed a full renovation. When we found out I was pregnant, we decided to prioritize the bathroom, knowing being pregnant and bathing a kid in there would be difficult. it was beyond […] OPEN POST boy or girl?   So our smoke bombs didn’t work out so well, but we DID successfully create a baby GIRL growing inside me. That’s something. 🙂 Nat captured these great photos of us pretending not to be absolutely freezing cold. Ha. I have no many things to share with you includes big changes around here coming soon! In […] OPEN POST Mercedes & Ellie Birthday Party October was a crazy month! Not only is it my busiest month for photography, but it is both Ellia’s AND Mercedes birthday’s! It was a big one for my sister this year, 3-0, so I decided to host a little combined birthday party for my fave girls. We love all things celestial and always have…Astronomy […] OPEN POST
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