Mercedes & Ellie Birthday Party

October was a crazy month! Not only is it my busiest month for photography, but it is both Ellia’s AND Mercedes birthday’s! It was a big one for my sister this year, 3-0, so I decided to host a little combined birthday party for my fave girls. We love all things celestial and always have…Astronomy was one of my favourite courses in university, after Art History of course. I decided on a Moon & Stars theme and I ordered a bunch of balloons. The black backdrop is a piece of drywall, that I painted with chalkboard paint and smudged with white chalk. I’ve actually had it for YEARS!
I used THIS tape to tape the balloons to the chalkboard and each otter (not on the wall, that stuff is strong!).  We glued pillow stuffing to an 8in round styrofoam cake dummy for the cake stand and on some dry foam blogs for the donuts on sticks. Everything was made by me, we kept it simple with chocolate cake, filled with yummy cherry buttercream and a chocolate ganache drip, mini vanilla bean donuts and vanilla sugar cookies, with royal icing. 
The mantel was one I’ve had for many, many years, and had this brilliant (at least I think it’s brilliant) idea to use if for the party and then convert it over to a Christmas mantel since I don’t have one at this house. I’ve linked a similar one below!
Balloons: Bargain Balloons
Fireplace: Home Depot here
Ellia’s Shirt: Zara
Ellia’s Skirt: Forever 21
Nat’s Skirt & Top
Pink Faux Fur – HomeSense
xox Nat

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