My Holiday Wreath Secret (DIY!)


The secret to making a gorgeous, oversized wreath is to wrap a hula hoop in artificial wire garlands.

Do you know those ugly ones hanging in the holiday aisle of your favorite dollar store? Yup, Those.  

The pre-existing wire makes attaching your fresh greens quick and simple.

Build your base by twisting the synthetic wire branches around your favorite variety of fresh greens. I’ve mostly used Cedar because it dries beautifully and smells like the holidays. 

Get creative with the finishing touches. I attached ornaments, bottle brush trees, and silk flowers, using long pieces of floral wire. 

 There’s no way to design a perfect wreath, just follow your instincts, give yourself grace, and have fun. 

Materials I used:

  • hula hoop
  • two artificial wire garlands (an artificial wire wreath is even easier!)
  • fresh greens (I used cedar)
  • wire cutters
  • ornaments
  • bottle brush trees
  • silk flowers
  • snips

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A few helpful tips:

To make a smaller one, skip the hula hoop and find an artificial wire wreath. I’ve always had luck at local thrift shops. It can be old and ugly because you won’t see it once you’re done. Just make sure its base is made of wire like this one, or twisting the fake greens around the real greens will not hold them in place.

I bought cedar at the grocery store and cut it with snips (a good pair of scissors works too) because I find smaller branches easier to work with. Or even better, go foraging for greens in the great (very cold in my case) outdoors!

I  started adding greens at the eleven o’clock position of the wreath and attached them clockwise on the right, and counterclockwise on the left because I love the look of the cascading cedar on both sides.

You can add ANYTHING to your wreath by wrapping a long piece of wire around one side and sticking the other side of the wire into the wreath and wrapping it around the greens or the hula hoop to secure it. It takes some practice to get things to stay exactly where you want them so be patient with yourself!

I used a heavy-duty damage free command hook to attach it to the wall. I had to make some minor adjustments to the items that moved on the wreath while moving it. If you have the option of making it where you plan to hang it, I would suggest doing that. 

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*Photos by Nat Spencer, video shot and edited by me.

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