Full Flower Moon Bath Guided Meditation

I’ve created this Full Moon Ritual Bath Meditation especially for you.

If for any reason a bath isn’t a safe or comfortable option, you can do this meditation laying in any quiet space. Simply visualize water surrounding you. This will provide an equally powerful practice.

My intention is that this guided meditation will help you release all that is not serving you.  To reconnect with your internal power source, recharge, and move gracefully into your next phase. 

Ritual Bath Ingredient Suggestions:

There are no rules here, whatever you have available will be just fine.

  • Go outside and snip some flowers. Even dandelions will be perfect, this is simply about offering up a bloom to honor the full flower moon.
  • Epson salts, sea salt, or pink Himalayan salt. I’ve used all of the above. 
  • Your favorite natural bath bombs or bubbles. 
  • Any essential oils that relax you, I’ve used lavender and rose oil. 
  • If you have any dried flowers they’re a nice addition as well. 

Preparing Your Space:

  • Before I fill my bath I always tidy up my washroom and wipe the tub. It’s a simple way of offering myself some extra love and allows deeper ease into relaxation. 
  • I burn sage and palo santo to cleanse my space, the water, and my body.
  • Candles and incense are always a beautiful option as well.
  • I also like to have my bathroom window cracked open to increase airflow.

Of course, all that is necessary is a bathtub or alternative comfortable spot to rest.

This meditation just over 15 minutes long, but I recommend taking a minimum of 30 uninterrupted minutes to yourself. All of the craziness of life will be there when you’re done, for now, it’s just you and your soul in salty warm water. 

Open your heart and mind and enjoy this guided meditation that I’ve created especially for you.

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