Luna Josephine’s Nursery


Before this room was Luna’s nursery it was our guest room. We had a few friends come to live with us when they were going through difficult times. Over the duration of their stay, they began to rehabilitate. It was coined the “healing room.”  TJ’s theory is that time is not linear, that everything happens at once and so Lu’s energy was in the room before she arrived. She has healed and helped us in so many ways since coming into our lives. He may be onto something.Everything about Luna’s room is personal. Each book and piece of decor was created or bought for her from someone who loves her.  It’s 80 square feet jam-packed with love and prettiness.

Her book collection has been gifted by many special people in our lives. I can’t wait for bedtime stories. I hope she loves books as much as I do.

This beautiful macrame garland was made by auntie Tatts. She makes the beautiful pieces.

Our rocker from JYSK is super comfortable and affordable, considering how expensive they are.

This is the paint palette I used to paint all the pieces I created with Luna while she was growing in my tummy. 

This is Jasper. When TJ asked me to marry him in Jasper Alberta, we were on a road trip and his parents found this beauty in a gift shop. I love him. I also love this story of Ella Fitzgerald, one of my favorite artists. Auntie Natty buys the best books. 

TJ built this fabulous little closet. It’s tiny but perfect.

This shelf is where everything wonderful lives. I won’t bore you with every detail but I will say that my dad painted that seascape when he was 8, and my grandpa gave it to me. Insert tears here. 

So grateful my very talented sister is willing to always take pictures of this wonderful baby.  

Her turban is from Turbans for Tots and I love it so much.

Thanks for stopping by! Love Luna and Mercedes

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