Luna Turns One

My girl turned one and it was magical.

On June 1st TJ and I hosted a little backyard veg bbq. We don’t have relatives in Toronto but I love our chosen family just the same. They’ve been such an important part of Luna’s first trip around the sun. A bunch of them also showed up early and said “what can I do to help?” which is why they are my favorite people.

I’ve always had the impulse not to go with the top with Luna. Her clothes, her parties, her room – she’s spectacular to me just as she is and I don’t like to distract from that. I chose to honor her as my little goddess, with hints of the divine female. In the weeks leading up to her birthday, I was feeling emotional about the upcoming anniversary of childbirth. It was the single most terrifying and painful experience of my life, soon turned into the greatest thing I could possibly imagine. It was the day I was born a Mother. I felt her birthday was special for both of us not in a self-centered way, but because we worked tirelessly for 64 hours together to do the hardest thing humans can do. The hints of goddess tell the story of the connection to nature she has gifted me. Nat and I made birds out of clay which speaks to her free spirit. Auntie Tattie cut 100 birds out of cardstock that Nat and I hung overhead across the fence. Jess Milne crafted the loveliest cake topper, and Nat made her famous (but actually) cookies.

I snuck these beautiful pillars (and goddess statue!) from my favorite shop Make Moves Vintage in the garden and added some flowers I snipped from my very generous neighbor’s yard.

The kids played in Luna’s Landing (a post coming on this special little space soon!), and everyone ate until we were busting at the seams. (okay I definitely went over the top with food – I’m Italian I only have one cooking gear.) It was truly great.

Then my mom insisted we have a party in Ottawa for my family (duh). This one was all Ellia. I put her in chard of all of the decor and the 7-year-old killed it.
Mom and grandma made an excessive amount of food, and so we ate until our seams once again were busting in celebration of my favorite human, Miss Luna Josphine. Who is now one. I’m not cryi- of course I’m crying.

Thank you to my sister Nat for these beautiful photos, and to Auntie Tattie for shooting this lovely footage for me. Thank you to our wonderful family for loving and supporting us through this crazy first year of Lu’s life and showing up to celebrate with us!

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