Summoning Spring

Yesterday there was a pocket of sunshine, and we found ourselves in the garden. I gathered piles of leaves that protected our plants through the frigid winter, while Luna discovered the joys of playing in the dirt. I gasped when I uncovered dozens of beautiful succulents blooming along our stone path. As TJ and I searched for more signs of the season changing, I found buds on the lilac topiary tree he planted in my final days of pregnancy. I noticed the music of birds chirping while removing my sweater to feel the sun on my skin. 

“SPRING! It’s almost here!” I shouted. Luna, startled, looked at me as if she viscerally understood my joy.

As spring struggles to arrive and stay, I thought a little nudge in the right direction might be just what Mother Nature needed. I called my sister Natalie and said, “let’s summon spring.” She immediately said yes and we allowed our creativity to elevate each other’s ideas and make something magical. 

I believe the act of creating with intention can be heard by the universe. Here’s to hoping Mother Nature was listening.

Concept, Sweets, and Installation: MercedesNatalie

Floral Table Runner: Capital Florist

Photography: Natalie Spencer Photography

Table Numbers: Jess Milne Designs

Video: Mercedes

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