Outdoor Living Room with Jysk

I posted some details on our dining space the other day, and want to share a little about our outdoor living room, too. Here’s the before:

Because the space between the garage and fence is so intimate, I designed it to feel like an outdoor living room.


Hanging a graphic fabric or tapestry add’s some serious style to an outdoor space. It acts as wall art and brings the room to life. This one is from Urban Outfitters. 
This is the chair everyone fights over. I’m obsessed.
 I am a sucker for lanters and Jysk has a pretty great variety of styles and sizes, and very reasonable pricing. The candles are flameless but give off a very pretty glow.
 My weather resistant rugs and throw pillows make my heart happy. They compliment the tapestry, and transform the outdoor area into a cozy room. I have used a lot of colours here, but have stuck to a palette inspired by the cushions. I’m a sucker for pink, green, and blue together and decided on different shades of these colours.
I love these pillar lanterns so much. The best thing about them is they make a great vase, too.
This set is crazy comfortable and the shades of grey keep it clean and modern.
The shelf is not an outdoor piece, but I love it so much against the dark paint. I have a tarp to protect it when I know rain is coming.
These indoor wicker baskets come in three different size. I love them nailed to the wall with plants in them.
My side table is part of the same collection as the shelf, and although it’s also an indoor piece, It’s fun to bring it outside for entertaining.
TJ built this shelf around the ugly old garage window, and I added a few cloths as “curtains” to pretty it up. Jysk’s selection of outdoor pots is also fab. They look heavy but they’re actually fairly light, and start as low as $19.99.
I’m so glad I found this outdoor tray, because I am not to be trusted with anything glass outside.
This lovely cotton harringbone throw is meant for indoors, but it’s fun to add some to an your outdoor space when guests are coming over. Especially in the evening!

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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