Backyard Dining with JYSK

When we bought the house, the backyard was a major factor in our decision. Most of the homes we looked at had tiny, condo size yards if any.  Tj especially, is very attached to, as he says, “puttering around in the yard.” If by puttering he meant tons of hard work and constantly being told what to do, then my vision of the yard made his dream come true. You’re welcome, babe. 
I am lucky to have such a talented and hardworking family around who were so generous is helping us make this transformation happen on a budget. TJ, with the help of some friends, tore down the old wire fence and built a beautiful new pressure treated fence. My parents drove 5 hours in a rainstorm to help us create gardens throughout the space. Then came the furniture.

The first place I looked was on JYSK’s website. I found so much I loved, and so we teamed up to make our little backyard oasis in the city! 
Their new MONTMARTRE set is hands down the most stylish outdoor dining set I have seen. The ODENSE Carver Easy Chairs are extremely comfortable, and the whole set including 6 chairs is only $999 if you buy them as a bundle. Crazy, right?! I love the modern pattern on their new JESPER rug, which is very well priced and comes in various sizes. 
I love these blue flower pots, which come in different colours and patterns in sets of three. I placed a small solar light in the flowers, which will sit in the middle of the table, even  when it’s not set, and add a pretty evening light source to the dining area.
The ADGA placemats are the best, and only 4 for $20. I want to use them inside, too!
The LEXA plates come in red and blue. I love the blue ones with the leaf placemat. 
How cute is this outdoor jug? I love that it’s plastic so I don’t have to worry about a gust of wind making a dangerous mess. 
I wanted to hang plants and a lantern, so I thought it would be fun to use a garment rack. 
Jysk’s selection of outdoor pillows is also on point!
The last thing I want to share is these fabulous KUTA Wood Tiles. They come in 
packs of 4, and you simply place then down and click them together. That’s it. We plan to store them for the winter, so they’re last longer. 
I’m looking forward to our first dinner party under our big grey umbrella on Sunday night. Taco’s, anyone?!


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