Double Chocolate Donut S’mores

Happy Tuesday!! Back to work after a fabulous, warm, summery Victoria Day weekend here in Canada! We decided to make an updated version of one of our favourites, the S’more, using double chocolate donuts. The combo of graham cracker, a fluffy bed of marshmallows, melted chocolate, donuts and mini chocolate chips is heavenly and brings back all the happy summer camping vibes from when we were growing up!
mini donut pan – ours is from Michaels
graham crackers
mini marshmallows
mini chocolate chips
double chocolate donut recipe from Just So Tasty
baking trays
parchment paper 
cooling rack
Make donuts per recipe –  we used a mini donut pan instead of a regular one. Bake and cool. In the meantime, line a baking sheet with parchment paper and place graham crackers with a small mound of marchmallows on top.
 Once all donuts are baked, put oven to broil.
 Melt semi chocolate chips and cover top of donuts. We added a few mini semi sweet chocolate chips as well.
Put baking tray with marshmallows and graham crackers in oven on top rack. WATCH CLOSELY, they only take a few seconds to get crispy. If you leave in for too long or don’t put on top shelf they will just expand and melt. 

Put a blob of melted chocolate on top of the roasted marshmallows and attach the donuts. Best served warm, but we ate a whole bunch once they were cooled a few hours later and the mallows were still gooey and delicious!
Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend, and to everyone celebrating Memorial Day this weekend, hope it’s fabulous!!
xo Nat & M

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