What is Build-A-Cake?!

On August 25th 2015 I went to my friends birthday party and made a cake.  Nat and I used to run a cake business, but it was mostly sculpted fondant cakes, which were all the rage at the time.  This one was different than any I had ever made.  The bottom layer was a peanut butter cheese cake and the top two layers were double chocolate. Yum.
 I’ve The party was outside  at Christie Pitts, where we brought blankets and treats and watched an outdoor screening of Mean Girls. The cake was MASSIVE. Way too big for just our friends, so the birthday girl started serving it to all the people in the park.  Everyone was so grateful and loving the it! Cakes are an incredibly magical thing that never fail to make people happy. Simple as that.
Shortly after I decided to start selling these cakes as part of The Party Parade blog. The process of ordering one is easy.  If you live in Toronto and want to build your own cake for your next celebration, shoot me an email and I will send over a form to fill out.

Check out the some of my favourite Build-A-Cakes from 2016!

Here are a few sweet words from Build-A-Cake customers! (insert heart face emoji)

are just back from the cottage.  I’ve been meaning to send you a note
to thank you for the amazing cake.  Not only was it over the top
beautiful, but equally
delicious.  You obviously use “butter” and other great quality
ingredients.  I’m looking forward to another event with your signature
Hi Mercedes, thank you for
creating such an amazing cake for Shaan’s 1st birthday.  It was perfect
and a great hit!  We received lots of comments and we’ve referred you to
Thank you again for taking care of the sweets and flowers –
everything was so beautiful and delicious! The cake made quite a stir
when we put it out! Guests ran towards it to take so much photos it was

Also our Caterer (Presidential Gourmet) from the event was freaking on your sweets…

Not only was it the best looking cake I’d ever received but it was
amazingly delicious as well! While I may have eaten more than a healthy
share, thank you for making my birthday that much more special.


Mercedes! You outdid yourself! Thank you so so much for this beautiful cake. Everyone was in awe!


next one

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