Sudio Wireless Earphones

So Mercedes and I LOVE music. Like, love. Our Daddy used to play the drums and piano every night for us, and we grew up having dance parties with our Mom and other sister Bianca on the daily. Mercedes would be the more sophisticated music listener, who likes and knows most genres of music. Mercedes is also a freakin amazing singer, it’s one of her many talents. I on the other hand, could listen to 90s hip hop, Drake or the Beibs and be happy.  Ellia and I have our nightly dance party to some TSwift or Katy Perry, or since she started kindergarten, O Canada and some Star Spangled Banner on repeat.
Mercedes and I both got a pair of SUDIO Wireless Earphones and we are seriously loving them a lot! They came all the way from Sweden, Mercedes got white and rose gold and I got the pink and gold, obviously! The design is awesome and the sound quality is excellent, plus they are super light weight and wireless with 8 hours of freedom, so they are perfect for when we are working out, cleaning the house or having a solo dance party. I even wear them when I am working in Starbucks, or watching Netflix while the husband is sitting right beside me watching the hockey game! They come with a leather carrying case, which is great for me to throw in one of my giant bags and for Mercedes to throw in her backpack, because that girl does not own/carry a purse. We’ve also been known to be working in the same room, both with our earphones on, probably singing & dancing to different tunes…we are super cool, we know. 
Sudio is offering our readers a 15% off discount using code thepartyparade 🙂 Go get some now!!
xox Nat

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