Mother’s Day & Sugar Cone Flower Cake Topper

Well we know Mother’s Day was a couple weeks ago, but we have been so busy over here with a bunch of new and exciting things, and we can’t wait to share them soon! 

Mother’s Day this year also happened to fall on our Dad’s birthday, so we decided to make it a little Mother’s Day dinner/birthday celebration. Daddy was actually born on Mother’s Day and made our grandma a mom for the first time, how neat is that! Our parents recently moved into a new home and they offered to host it there so of course we said yes and couldn’t wait to decorate. Mom has quite the urban jungle going on in the house, so we decided to incorporate all of her amazing plants into the display. They definitely inspired the white and green theme we had going on. 
The MOM letters were made with some fresh greens. We took wire and made the letters and then just hot glues the greens to it. To attach to the wall we took Command brand clear adhesive mini hooks, which you can find here. They are perfect because if you put them on and take them off properly, they do NOT damage your wall at all, but I highly recommend following the directions because if you try to just pull them off, it will pull up the paint. (As my mom learned when she tried to take it off without consulting me first, sorry mom, we LOVE YOU!)
We also have a fun little tutorial for a pretty cake topper that is super easy and could be used for a bunch of different parties! 
Ice Cream Cone Cake Topper 
sugar cone
ziplock bag
wet floral foam
long wooden dowel
fresh flowers
Cut the tip off the bottom of the cone.
Soak the floral foam per instructions. Wrap bottom in a bag and then insert foam. We just cut it to the proper size and then leave some sticking out.  Then insert the long wooden skewer in through the  bottom, and make sure it is holding the foam in place.
We propped ours up to make it easier to work with. Make a mini arrangement!
Carefully stick in the cone!
We decided to add a second cone, but you could leave it with just one if you wanted, we love the simplicity!
We also made a little arrangement for the table with the flowers we got while in Toronto. Peony and Ranunculus season is our favourite! 
The cake was lemon flavoured and from one of our favourtie cake shops in Toronto, Desmond and Beatrice. We added a white chocolate ganache drip to it for extra yumminess and also to make it more our style. We also got the cannoli from an Italian bakery in Toronto. The cream puffs were from the grocery store and we dipped in a vanilla glaze.
3 generations of MOMS!
Now onto Dad’s birthday. Basically we made him a giant cookie cake and served it with his favourite Chocolate Crinkle Ice Cream! 
xox Nat & Mercedes

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