Grandmas Ravioli

These images are as close to our hearts as it gets. Nat and I come from Italian parents, and grandparents on both sides of our family.  We grew up living near our mom’s mom, Josephine, who occupies an impeccably clean home always filled with the scent of something delicious. Her garden is bigger than my house, and the works she gets done in a day most people half her age can’t accomplish in a week.  She wakes up before the sun and spends each day feeding and nurturing the people she loves, of which there are many.  Although english is her second language and she has little formal education, my grandma is one of the most intelligent and witty women I have ever met.  When tragedy strikes, she is a first responder. She does whatever it takes to keep others safe and well.  To me, she is the epitome of beauty. A tall and voluptuous classic woman who has no concept of how stunning she is, because who has time for mirrors when you’re running an empire?
My grandma has taught me service.  She does not think of herself first, under any circumstance. She has her vanities and pettiness like all of us, but never at the expense of the wellness of others. She inspires me to work hard and love hard. She’s not a soft woman. Her love isn’t Hallmark, it’s real devotion.  She’s forceful and tough, yet emotional and quiet.

Everything I continue learn from her is an integral part of who I am as an artist and woman. I wish I could share this recipe with you, but it’s not a recipe at all. It’s just her, using her sharp instincts and swollen hands to create something to the best of her ability. Everything she does is with a full heart, including these ravioli.  When I pay attention I can taste the crafts(wo)manship in every bite.

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She still doesn’t understand why Nat and I documented this.  It would never occur to her to do something for likes or follows, The only reason to cook is to nourish and bring joy to the people close to her.  I truly believe it’s people like Josephine Cambareri who make a difference on this planet.  One delicious ricotta filled pocket of goodness at a time.  

Our little chicken miss Elle is has been making dough for well over a year. She’s 4. She’s a natural in the kitchen. I’ve seen her crack an egg with one hand and get no egg shells in the bowl.
Our mom Nancy, requires a whole other post.  She’s cut from the very same cloth as grandma and constantly amazes me.
xoxox Mercedes & Nat

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