Modern Christmas Village

My Favorite childhood holiday activity was to set up my mom’s Christmas Village. All those miniature trees and light up houses were just the best. I loved to turn boxes upside down and cover them with sheets of fake snow.
This year Natalie and I have created a simplistic, Scandinavian Christmas style. It’s our first Christmas in a house instead of a condo so we have a TREE and a MANTLE to decorate…wwhhhhhaaatttt!?Here’s how to build your own Modern Christmas Village.
-Birdhouses and wood house shelves from Dollarama (Michaels and Walmart have them too)
White paint marker
-X-ACTO knife
-Foam board
-Wood stand (I used walnut)
Paint sponge (any dollar or craft store)

“Gingerbread” Houses
1. Rip the base off of the bird houses and turn them around so the holes are at the back.
2. Using your paint sponge stain them with your choice of wood stain. you can get a tiny tin at Home Depot or your local hardware store for under $10. I put a light coat on some houses and a dark coat on others to create different shades of wood for contrast.
3. Once they’re completely dry, shake up your paint pen and doddle away! This part is the most fun so have fun with it.

Scandinavian Inspired Houses

-Wood house shelves
-X-ACTO knife
-Foam board
– Battery operated tea lights
1. Place your wood house shelve on the foam board and trace the inside of it and cut them out with your X-ACTO. Do this twice.
2. Take one of the 2 pieces that fits in the house and cut squares, windows, doors, or whatever you want into them.  It’s as simple as that. Most people would probably use a ruler for this, but I didn’t because numbers confuse me. (I’m serious)
Nat and I drew the moon and clouds on a large piece of black paper with white chalk. The stars are paint flecks.

If you’re inspired to create your own Modern Christmas Village don’t forget to tag us! @mercedespapalia @natspencerHappy Crafting 🙂
xo Mercedes

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