JYSK Tiny Room Makeover

I failed here and forgot to take a before picture of just how awful it was. We had a queen size bed taking up most of the room which had piles of junk on it because there was no space to hang out in there anyway. It was essentially a useless space. My main focus when designing the room was to make it functional for us to work in, and comfortable for guests to sleep in.  The challenge: It’s under 100 square feet. 
The daybed is perfect because it’s big enough for one guest to sleep comfortably on a twin mattress, plus there is an additional mattress hiding under the bed as a makeshift trundle on the occasion that more than one person is staying over for the night. 
Love this Mirror. It’s simple an adds some depth to the room. 
My little fiddle leaf is doing so well in the bright corner!
This is Gary Woodman. He makes a lot of appearances in my work. He’s very excited about this room.
The mural shipped to us all way from Poland in just 4 business days! I love it so much. The installation was pretty easy too. It came in 3 large sticky pieces.
Our TAPS nightstand is one of my favourite JYSK pieces. I am alway moving them around the house because the look great in ever room.  
TJ and I are both currently working on writing projects. I am writing season one of a series, and he is writing season two of his show currently in post production called The Actor Who Could Not Cry.  As soon as the room was complete we were both inspired to sit and work, which is exactly what I have hoped for!
I love having my artwork layered and leaning on the wall.  The flamingo/chicken and voluptuous lady are by my friend Sarah who is a brilliant artist. That super babe is my mom at 16! She also did the black and white abstract for me. The moon was a quick little project of mine. 
The desk chair is JYSK’s HAMINA dining chairs, but I LOVE IT and think it’s perfect with the desk.

Thank you JYSK Canada for teaming up with us on this pretty little space! 🙂
Much love,

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