Wanna Be My Bridesmaid?

I didn’t think I wanted a bridal party. It seems strange to pick my favorite women to be a prominent part of our wedding day and leave others out. Then I thought it would be great to have my closest 15 girls as part of our bridal party. In hindsight, not my best idea. So I decided to ask my two sisters Natalie and Bee, and my two best friends Sarah and Sarah. I gave them their favorite chocolate bars (and Reese bites!) wrapped in some pretty paper from the dollar bins at Michaels.  We also made this cute “Wanna be my Bridesmaid?” printable in case you or someone special you know is getting married and want to do something fun and different for your ladies!
Let us know in comments in you want the downloadable file 🙂
We are having a ton of fun crafting for this weekend’s engagement party.
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