Mini Easter Brownie Cakes

Yesterday Ellia and I made some brownies and I decided to make mini Easter cakes with the leftovers! It is super easy to do, and I think they would be really cute on a place setting at Easter dinner or on a dessert table!
I’ve had a tradition since Elle was born that every year I blow out and decorate a few eggs for her. I use the decorated eggs for decoration and just love our little growing collection!  I added one egg on the top of each brownie cake! I think it would be super cute to make them into name tags or even decorate them to match your Easter decor. You can also use faux eggs which you can buy at the dollarstore or Wal Mart if you don’t want to go through the process of blowing them out.
Mini Easter Brownies Cakes
Fresh brownies – box or from scratch
circle cookie cutter
Wilton 1M tip
decorators piping bag
food colouring
Make a batch of brownies – store bought is fine. Let cool completely.
Make a batch of icing, I like this one.
Using circle cookie cutter, cut out as many circles as you want/need.
Put 1M tip in bag, cut off end and fill with buttercream. 
Pipe a small rosette on top of the brownie, starting in middle and work way around.
Top with eggs, chocolate or leave them with just the buttercream rose!
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xox Nat

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