‘Gal’entines Pizza Party Favor DIY

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, we can’t believe it!! As part of our ‘Gal’entine’s Pizza Party, we decided to make some favours to give our girlfriends to show them how much we love them!
We came up with these cute little friendship pizza slice rings to go with the theme and pretty ring dishes that can be used all year round!
Ring dishes 
Polymer clay – white and pink
circle cookie cutter 
rolling pin
gold paint
paint brush
X-Acto knife 
small bowls or ramekins to mould shape  
parchment paper
Optional : heart sprinkles, mini heart cookie cutter
To marble the clay, take a big chunk of the white clay and some pink and roll them into long logs, then stick together and twist. I usually add a few extra pieces of the pink and twist some more.  Then roll it out to your desired thickness and cut out using the circle cookie cutter.
You can leave them plain or make different designs. For two of them, we lightly pushed a heart shaped cookie cutter into the middle. For the other two, we placed little heart shaped sprinkles on the clay and then lightly rolled it out. Then

turn it over and using something pointy, remove the sprinkles.

Take your cookie cutter and cut out the circle.
Then place your ring dishes into oven safe ramekins and bake per the directions on the package of the clay. Then paint however you want or leave them in all their pretty ring dish glory!
Polymer Clay – red, tan, yellow
mini heart sprinkles (optional, you could just use red clay)
rolling pin (or glass)
shot glass
clay or fondant tool (you can buy a set at the dollarstore!)
wire for rings
needle nose pliers
parchment paper
crazy glue
Take the tan clay and roll into a ball. Then using your rolling pin, roll out, not too thin.  Using your shot glass, cut out your pizza crust.
  Take your fondant/clay tool and make an indent for the crust.
 Do the same with the red for the pizza sauce and the yellow for the cheese.
 Take the bronzer and lightly push the bristles into the clay to make little bumps and brush with the bronzer.
Cut into pizza slices!
 Put mini heart spinkles (or  cut out pepperoni from red clay) onto the pizza slices
Put on a piece of parchment paper and bake per instructions on the package. Now for the ring part! You can definitely buy ring bases but we couldn’t find any we liked,  so we made our own with gold wire.
 With your needle nose pliers, take the end of the wire and wrap it tightly around to make a little flat spiral, this is where you will attach the pizza slice.
 Wrap the wire around a small cylinder, to make the ring shape
 I used a tiny bit of gorilla glue to attach the
The boxes we bought at the dollarstore, painted the top white, let it dry, put XO stickers on the top, painted them a light pink and then peeled off the stickers!
Aren’t they adorable!!

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